Cross Cultural Communication Case Study

Taking into account that it was a horrible mistake, making this one of the hardest projects to complete to date, the group that I studied for this paper was an informal group consisting of fans of the MotoGP sport with members stemming from all over the world.   MotoGP is the world championship grand prix of motorcycle racing involving the best motorcycle racers from ten nations all around the world.   With such a diverse populace comes conflicts within communication and cultural concepts.   Therefore, a congregation that has come together through a shared passion is in no way exempt from cross cultural dilemmas concerning communication.   It didn’t take long for me to notice that there was a significant barrier between its members, both lingual and cultural.   Many times the transactional processes would start off in a leisurely enough fashion, however, it was not uncommon for the conversation to evolve into an entirely different conversation all together and / or even begin to change into something much less than positive.  
Two factors outlined in our course book, “Communicating in Groups and Teams” are most likely are to blame for this problem.   The first cause I would like to consider is the fact that not all members have the same personal characteristics and preferences.   Though several members may share the same favorite rider they, of course, did not always share the same thoughts and feelings.   The second aspect is culture.   Just as people communicate their cultural lineage during face to face meetings, they also do on social media.   As the book states, “cultural influences are very important” and the nature of the individuals involved do not always coincide with one another thus causing cultural friction.  
I came across communication issues due to a language barrier within the group in my second week of study.   There was an argument within the group and the interesting thing about it was that they were arguing the same points.   It was evident that members...