The article “Analgesic Effect of Oral Sucrose and Pacifier during Eye Examinations for Retinopathy of Prematurity” (Mitchell, Stevens, Mungan, Johnson, Lobert, & Boss, 2004) is examined in terms of its quality and the potential usefulness of the findings for application to nursing practice.


The title matches the major purpose of this study. It is appealing and the topic is related to my practice.


The abstract meets the requirement of thoroughness it contains the purpose, the sample size, the research design, a very brief description of the instrument, the findings and the result.

Problem and Purpose

The authors stated that the purpose of the study was to “ determine the effectiveness of local aesthetic eye drops and a pacifier plus repeated doses of 24% sucrose to relieve   pain associated with eye examinations for ROP” Mitchell et al.,   p. 161, (2004).

The research problem is organized and well identified, and follows a logical flow from their research of the topic of interest. Mitchell et al., (2004). Point out the significant of the study by stating the risks preterm infants are exposed to during the procedure of examination of retinopathy in prematurity. The authors also explained the process of performing the examination and elicited that it causes pain for the infant. The rationale for the study was explicitly stated as thus:

“Studies that examined the effectiveness of NNS and oral sucrose have been carried out primarily during heel sticks and venipuncture. No research has been done on the pain associated with eye examination or on the effectiveness of developmentally sensitive interventions such as NNS and oral sucrose to relieve pain during eye examinations.”

Literature Review

The authors performed a brief review of previous research work that has been done, and determine if the studies were appropriate. The researchers also review literature explaining what is meant by Non-nutritive Sucking, and...