MacKenzie Brown
Instructor Lamb
              Nick Vujicic Critique
The article “ Born without limbs” entails on the trials and triumphs that Nick Vujicic has faced in his life after being born with no limbs. Nick did not see himself having such a successful life in his early beginnings. In this article he wants to share how he overcame those obstacles of rejection, bullying and not being to do things as others. Nick started his own organization to give hope to those who feel that they may have nothing to live for due to their disability. He inspires that you can also be successful if you out in the hard work and determination.
Nick was born with “phocemelia” which lead to him being born with no arms and limbs. The doctor did not any idea as to what cause his deformity but had already written him off as living life as a “vegetable”. In the beginning, his mom was not doing well with nick’s condition and took the support his dad for her to come to terms with it. The family tried prosthetics when he was six year old, but could not function with them as he had already taught himself to do a lot of basic necessities. When Nick started school he was bullied about his limbs and prayed to one day to be as normal as everyone else. At the age of ten, nick felt that it was pointless to continue to live his life like he was and wanted to commit suicide until him saw someone like himself that he wanted to help. Nick continued to make his way in the world by being able to do things like swim, fish, brush his teeth and wash his hair. He stated in the article that he got there by telling himself that“ I do the best that I can. It's not what you have, but what you do with it. I am not afraid to try and fail. Nick started motivational speaking to others in Australia for five years before coming to California with family help to start his motivational company here. Nick has now achieved many thing things that he did not see himself completing such as...