Critique of a Writer's Exchange

Critique of A Writer's Exchange
By R.C. Williams

Let me start off my critique by stating that the course was a challenge for me, but I really enjoyed it.   After being in the military for several years, I had develop a different type of writing style.   I had to change my military writing back to the basic writing skills.   I would like to share with you, some good aspects about the course material and one item that should be reviewed for change.
First of all, the video provided for this course, was a great asset for me.   I got a chance to understand how to deal with writer's block.   It also provided me with illustrations on how to use other students ways of coming up with titles and text for the essays.   One of the benefits of the video was that I could control the flow of knowledge being taught with a click of a button.   Sometimes it was really hard reading a lesson and trying to understand it, but when reviewing the video, I got the better understanding of a subject.  
Next, I want to touch on the textbook for the course, A Writer's Repertoire by Gwendolyn Gong and Sam Dragga.   The course didn't require me to read it cover to cover, but it covered it did require for me to read many chapters and sample essays.   I think the samples of other student's essays helped me prepare my essays.   Sometimes its harder to understand what the lesson is trying to teach, but when I read the essay samples, it gave me good ideas on how to write my essay.  
Now I would like comment on the workbook, A Writer's Exchange by Harryette Brown.   This book was meant to orientate the student in the right direction.   It prepared me for the next subject to is taught.   I thought it served its purpose.   One thing I did notice it that this workbook differed from the syllabus.   The required readings were different.
The last piece of material I will talk about is the workbook, which I like to call, the Writer's Bible.   The Scott Foresman, Handbook for Writers by Maxine Hairston and John...