Critically Analyse the Move Towards Outcome Based Services for Children and Young People Answering the Following Questions: A. Identify the Features of Effective Partnership Working B. Explain the Importance of

Critically analyse the move towards outcome based services for children and young people answering the following questions:
  A. Identify the features of effective partnership working
  B. Explain the importance of partnership working with colleagues, other professionals and others
  C. Analyse how partnership working delivers better outcomes
  D. Explain how to overcome barriers to partnership working
Outcome based services are a means to an end for positive outcomes for children and families.   Professionals who are specialists in their field offer additional support for children and families who are in need.   Services are offered in a variety of ways, ranging from special educational needs assistance to counselling and therapy sessions.   In order for outcome based services to be successful there must be effective partnership working between all agencies involved with the child and family.   This task will look at how partnership working is an effective and integral part of child and family support, plus the barriers to effective partnership working and how to overcome these.
Identify the features of effective partnership working.
Partnership working is an essential part of offering support and help to children and families in need.   To ensure that the correct support and level of help required is provided, agencies must come together to assess the needs of the individual child and family, and then assess what help and support they can offer as single agencies working together using a multi-agency approach.   Many children and families require more than one agencies input and support in order to have a positive outcome.   In order to ensure effective partnership working is maintained it is vital that all agencies work to the same guidelines and have a shared responsibility for the welfare of the children and families they are working with.   Each agency must ensure that the care of the individual child and/or family is at the centre of their concern; they...