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Analysis of cloud based accounting information system

Student ID: 43395546     Name: Zhang Lei

The rapid development of cloud computing technology gives enterprises an opportunity to use a more professional, more reliable and more efficient accounting information system in the daily operation with less cost than before. This article pays attention to the implement of cloud based accounting information system in the modern corporations and then make some analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of the cloud computing in the company’s accounting information system. At the end of the article, there will be some recommendations of success factors for cloud based AIS adoption which are based on the some examples of cloud based accounting information system.
Overview of cloud computing
Nowadays, the society has entered into the “big data” era, which means the accounting data has become much more complex and miscellaneous than before and this phenomenon requires the companies to build a much shorter accounting period. Under this situation, the traditional computerized accounting has been difficult to meet the needs of modern corporations, therefore, the cloud computing has come onto the stage.
Cloud computing is a distributed computing technology, which is used to automatically split the huge computational processing program into numerous smaller subroutines, and then handed over to a large system which consists of multiple servers. The system will deal with the computational processing program by calculation and analysis, and then send the results to the users. Through this technology, network service providers can deal with millions or even billions of information within seconds, which performs the similar function as the “supercomputer”. The central point of cloud computing is to maximum the effectiveness by “sharing resources”.
The cloud computing includes three service models: infrastructure is service (Consumers can obtain services from a...