Critical Thinking

Identify Management Theories Relevant To Your Role Nursing Essay
According to Ennis a critical thinker is open-minded and mindful of alternatives; tries to be well-informed; judges well the credibility of sources; identifies conclusions, reasons, and assumptions; judges well the quality of an argument, including the acceptability of its reasons, assumptions, and evidence; can well develop and defend a reasonable position; asks appropriate clarifying questions; formulates plausible hypotheses and plans experiments well; defines terms in a way appropriate for the context; draws conclusions when warranted, but with caution; and integrates all items in this list when deciding what to believe or do. He also state that critical thinkers are liable to care that their belief be true and that their decisions be justified, care to present a position honestly and clearly and care about the dignity and worth of every person.

Critical Thinking is a common component of organisation mission statement and outcome assessment. Alexander Court Care Centre "mission is to provide the best possible care for our Service Users by developing in the Care Centre an atmosphere of individual care and attention that will contribute to Service Users' security, well-being and comfort such that they are enabled to enjoy life to their fullest potential." (ACCC Quality Manual Issue 1 2006). To effectively provide the best quality care to the Client, skills and strategies of the manager is important to achieve the goal. Critical thinking is involved in insuring the health and safety of all the staff, clients, family and visitors in the organisation.

Critical thinking is important in healthcare settings like for instance, in a day - to - day responsibilities of a manager like taking a lot of data or information to adapt knowledge for problem clarification and solution which involves in making decisions. There is one case where in our Manager received a complaint from the family of a Service...