Critical Thinking Scenario

Critical Thinking Scenario
ETH 316
September 22, 2014

Week 2

Critical Thinking
Many of our life lessons are learned throughout our lives. Some of these lessons are guidelines on how to be courteous, how much should we tip for given services, or how to be an expert. Another lesson not regularly taught at work or at home, are the hows and whys we use critical-thinking. Critical thinking is the ability and a skill to use when making careful decisions to approve, refuse, or defer judgment of a claim. In this, critical-thinking is the method of evaluating what others say or write when deciding whether or not to consider and to believe their statement.
Selected Scenario
“In education, as in business, mistakes are sometimes made in promoting a person. For example, a respected high school teacher with twenty years of service may be made principal of his school. After serving for a year in this new capacity, the man may have demonstrated clearly that he is incompetent in administrative affairs. But, by that time, his former teaching position will have been filled. Consider the various ethical considerations involved both in retaining him and in firing him, and decide what course of action and what conditions would be the most ethical solution for the school board” (Ruggiero (2015), Section IV,   Thinking Critically, Pg.158).
Moral Responsibilities/Failings/Obligations/Outcome
A   school principal’s job is a balance between having job satisfactions and being constantly challenged. It's a hard occupation, and like all jobs, there are individuals who are simply not cut out for it. There are definite characteristics of being a principal that many individuals just do not have. Besides the apparent professional qualifications needed to become principal, there are many traits that great principals should possess to be able to do their job efficiently.
A good...