Critical Thinking Application

The investigation of critical thinking and decision making, this does become obvious that the two are connected together. Critical thinking can take place with out the need to make a decision; one would believe that making a choice should never take place without critical thinking on the decision that requires to be made.
    To me critical thinking is a must in the work place, especially for those who are in management. The management decision will affect an employee, or the entire department. You will make the right decision in the work place; critical thinking will make success in the business. Critical thinking does force managers and employees to look at a situation and to weigh all solutions before coming up with a final answer. Now this can take time and it can require input from different individuals with in the organization.
    My example of critical thinking in my work place would be a woman who never has time to finish her job. One reason why is she is to busy starting fights among the employees. She will talk about someone and when she is finish with you, about talking about someone else; she will begin to talk about you. It just wasn’t me that went to the boss with this. It was everyone on my floor; we just could not take it any more. So we set up a meeting with the boss and we begin to unload on him. He told us that he had a feeling it was her, and he thanked us and told everyone that he would take care of it. It was not long before she was called into his office. I do not know exactly what happen, but what ever he did it worked. She has a changed personality. I am just sorry we did not do this a lot sooner. Our work place is now enjoyable for everyone. I am thankful that the management took care of this situation as soon as he did, because everyone was very upset with this woman.
    Our boss did solve this problem efficiently and he did it without relying on guesses or assumptions, what ever our boss did he relied on critical thinking this...