Critical Thinking and Ethics

Critical Thinking and Ethics
Amy Chaney
September 29, 2014
Scott Myers

Critical Thinking and Ethics
Critical thinking is applicable to Ethical reasoning, Ethics are decisions that we live and stand on, on a daily basics it’s what makes us and forms us to be the people we are by certain standards   and values.   How an individual is raised gives certain values and Morales, Morales are for the “Common Good”.   Critical Thinking is a judgment, its reviewing information objectively by looking at all aspect and putting any and all prejudices aside.   It is seeing the facts for what they really are making well-thought-out and sound decisions.   In the book it states that people should respect the rights of others and we should for instance;   there are people who smoke and they have designated areas that say smoking area meaning you can smoke only in that particular area then,   there is always a few who think they can go against the grain and continue to smoke in non- smoking area’s this is when your Morales and ethics come in to play.
To sum up the relationship between critical thinking and ethics they both encompass observing and judging things,   in critical thinking you are observing with behaviors eye’s and body language gestures and in ethics it’s your standards what you live by.
In scenario one it stated that there was a suspicious fire and that the chief suspect was the husband this fire took the lives of two people.   It went on to say that the husband has a receipt for just purchasing gasoline and had a burn on his right hand the inspector going over this suspicious fire name is Inspector Blackstone he ignored critical evidence on this case.   He decided that since there was someone already in jail for the crime that he would   just over look evidence.   This sends out a very wrong message no justice no peace.   Where are the ethics? you have two people dead and a person in jail that is going to be in jail for a long time do to neglect.   Critical...