Critical Thinker

Don’t let yourself be fooled, be a Critical Thinker

Fallacies are and can be part of an everyday life. Many of us like myself don’t realize the existence or what it means. According to the Web Dictionary, a fallacy is defined as, “ A deceptive, misleading, or a false nation, belief”. (Dictionary). A logical fallacy is a false reason to an argument that is not only wrong, but might sound convincing for people who are or can be fooled by a fallacy, either on television, radio, ads, or by people that believe it to be true. If a person is fooled by a fallacy and they believe it to be true, that person as well should think critically. As mentioned in a web page, “A general term given to a wide range of cognitive skills and intellectual dispositions needed to efficiently identify, analyze, and evaluate arguments and truth claims, to discover and overcome personal prejudices and biases to formulate and present convincing reasons in support of conclusions, and make reasonable, intelligent decisions about what you believe and what to do". (Online Learning Center).
An example of a fallacy I have encountered in life is the look who’s talking, which can be the most common one used. The fallacy look who’s talking is the basic of all of my arguments I have had throughout my teenage life, till now with my parent’s. My parent’s have always told me not to smoke, nor do drugs, nor cut class and most importantly, as myself being the only daughter I was often reminded to stay abstinence before marriage, and growing up they implemented several morals and values. Growing up till this day, I have always been very attentive to my parent’s conversations and advice, and I’m able to retain the information that I still use in life. But, I have learned from my parents words   “I want the best for you, we already made our life, now it’s your decision if you want to follow your dreams”. As my mom always told me to stay abstinent before marriage nor smoke, it turns out that my dad himself is...