Critical Summary

A well-known poet Louise Macneice beautifully writes this poem in a marvelous style. He has presented this poem in a manner of artistic perfection. Poet’s feelings are speaking through the voice of an unborn child.
    In this poem, the poet is telling about the prayer of a child who is not born yet. The child is addressing and praying to ALLAH ALMIGHTY. The child is afraid of this world and the people of this world who are passionless and brutal. They do not care about the feelings of their fellow men. He also says that this artificial world have no passions in their hearts. They do not ever bother about anyone’s sorrows and frustrations. The unborn child is now describing the reasons why he does not want to be born.
     In the beginning, he is talking to gracious ALLAH; he wishes that He should listen to him. He says that he is afraid of blood sucking bats, evil spirits and club footed ghouls. They all will destroy him, whereas he does not want to be ruined. After that he is asking ALLAH to console him. He believes that human race will obstacle him in the expanded walls. This is a world of drugs and mafia; he wants to be saved from those who will affiliate him with their clever lies, on black racks rack him and shed his blood. Therefore he is expecting impatiently to give him comfort because he is not comfortable at all.
        The unborn child is a nature’s lover. He is demanding for some beautiful luxuries of life, which have no importance for tyrant people of this world. He is accosting to the merciful and gracious ALLAH ALMIGHTY who is the best provider to provide him water for his mitigation, green grass for his growth, beautiful tees to talk to him, blue and cool sky to sing to him, birds and the light of guidance for his mind to lead him from the deviation of this world.
         Further more, he is now asking ALLAH to fill him with power and strength in opposition to those people debar his affability. They will shove him into a destructive...