Critical Read, Listen and Reviewing

Explain why "Some people think that online education is not as effective as a traditional classroom" is unreasonable.
Online education can be as effective a traditional classroom education because even though the individual are interacting over the Internet connection the educational abilities are similar. Therefore, with online learning individuals are self-teaching. This takes a person of superior comprehension such as listening, speaking, and cognitive skills. The critical thinking abilities are a huge advantage for the online learners as well as the traditional learners.

Explain why "You can’t learn as much online as in a normal classroom" is unreasonable.
Individuals can learn just as much if not more in online environment as the traditional classroom because first they have added maturity and responsibility. In connection with learning, those tools should not be the chief reason for agreeing or disagreeing. Additionally, the instructors are not holding individuals hand every step of the way they are allowing the students to take the initiative and responsibility for his/her education. What many think is a huge advantage in online schooling is that the interactive participation is learning, growing, and commitment-based learning is astounding. These tools, which provide necessity in everyday life, are supplies even more so in the online environment. These tools prepare individuals for society in all lifestyles. The education online as well as the information includes evaluations repeatedly whereas, traditional classes when students miss the bulk of the lectures they have just missed pertinent data.

Explain why "An online degree will never earn you the same salary as a traditional degree" is unreasonable.
The online degree is not treated as a lesser form of education in the field, a person studies in. The online degree is acknowledged just about everywhere. Additionally, before doing any online degree programs those students should research, research,...