Critical Literature

The introduction of information technology as vastly improved during past few years, most organisation have adopted the use of IT in there day to day function. In general, firms have used technology to improve their productivity and the quality of service provided to their customers.   Despite the use of IT in general the main focus is how firm use IT to manage their human resource management. Sims, (2002) States that the human factor is the fuel of productivity of any organisation and due to the obstacles faced firms will have to develop a strategy that is appropriate in managing their human resources. The aim of this literature is to review the point that existing research has made on the use of IT for employee training and development and also look at the impact it makes on the organisation.   The use of IT for development of employee skills became the focus point of this literature because most firms already use IT for recruiting but not all organisation use IT for training because it depends on the characteristics of the company. IT usage for human resource development can also be subject to different sectors of firm, whether its public, private or government domain IT for development depends on the culture and priorities of firm. It can be argued that some companies acquire less staffs but provide IT training to develop the skills of their employees just   to protect its existence while other firms don’t feel its necessary because its prioritise are different.