Critical Evaluation of My Coaching Development

Critical Evaluation of my Coaching Development

As a keen competitor in a variety of sports, I have come across many coaches both good bad. It is a vital role within all kinds of sport and a role which I have always been very interested in adopting.   I entered the course with believing to have and adequate amount of experience within football coaching. Having already completed my FA level 1 coaching badge and having numerous hours of voluntary coaching at my local football club under my belt with youths, I considered myself to be talented coach with a wide range of knowledge within my chosen sport of football. The introduction to coaching module however took me upon of journey of self development where I began to critically analyse my performance as a coach as well as opening myself up to a variety roles as a coach, potential participants and sports.

One of the first new concepts I learned, was the idea of a coaching plan. In my previous experience as a coach my plan was something devised in my head, on the day depending on what equipment had at my disposable. Whilst this taught me how to be flexible and think my feet I soon found that it was much more beneficial to plan a session ahead with a clear layout, including warm ups and cool down and a review section at the end . This allowed my sessions to have a clear structure, as well as a chance to evaluate how successful the session was as well. Session plans also allowed me to evaluate my own performance as a coach, which came under close scrutiny in week 4 where I had to deliver a 20 minute coaching session which was recorded. This was my first opportunity to really see my strengths and weaknesses as coach as there was no hiding from the camera! One of the main findings from this session was the realisation that I did no use language as eloquently as I once thought. I found that watching myself back a lot of concepts I was explaining did not sound as clear as I though at time, this was a real eye opener for...