Critical Analysis of "Love on the Beach" Philip Evergood

The piece I chose appears to be oil on canvas. There is a couple at the focal point of the painting—the man appears to be middle-aged, while the woman looks about the same, she does not appear to be as old as the man. They are on the shore of a beach with a few other people. The diagonal line of the shore on the right of the painting aids in defining the focal point, other than the fact that the couple is in the center of the painting, and they are the largest of the other individuals. The woman is sitting in the lap of the man, and she appears to be directing his arms, which are embracing her, and her left leg seems to be pulling at his foot that is touching her right leg. I gather this from her grip on his right arm—it looks tight, and her muscle is protruding a little from her forearm. Her left arm is twisted a little and seems to push his left arm downward, and her foot seems to be curled around the man’s foot that is touching her other leg to pull it closer.
She is wearing a red bikini, and its style resembles one from around the 1940s or so. The man appears to be wearing a speedo, and together, the couple seem as though they are blushing, and they each share a smile—his seemingly more of a smirk than hers. Her head is turned a little to the right but she is staring at the viewer. The man’s head is not turned, but he is staring at the woman.
The couple is sprawled over a man’s body, and he appears to be reclining based on the fact that his head is rested upon one of his arms (the other out-stretched), and his legs are stretched out with his feet crossed. He, too, seems to be blushing, with a smile on his face. A woman in a blue, one-piece bathing suit is reclining beside the man lying down, and her arm is stretched out around his head, grabbing the hand of his arm that is stretched out. There are two ladies further down the shore, and they seem to be dancing. One woman is facing us, the viewer, with her arms bent upward—the other is facing towards the sea...