Critical Advancement

BY Otis Rainey

Shyulak new that she only had little time left to make her move before the Uran-Neptunians destroyed the culture in which she loved so dearly. Her only advantage was that she knew all of the players in the game intimately and that made outmaneuvering them all the more easier. Still she never overestimated herself nor lost respect for her enemy for to do so would mean defeat surely. All of her team members were in place to attack with the slightest mental push of that she was sure. If she was captured all would be lost unless here team could do the one thing to bring her back from nonexistence and they would surely do all in their power to do so.
As she traveled patiently to her destination Shyulak reflected on how all of this began. She was three years old when her parents discovered her wandering in the frigid mountainous region of Nordaml. At first thinking that she was blind because of the color of her eyes they shielded her from the rest of the tribe it wasn’t until later that they discovered the mark of Chaturanga embedded deep within her skin at the base of her slender neck. It was then they knew that no one could discover their only daughter. A simple game like chess had nearly cost her to forfeit her life. Chaturanga she learned is the ancient word for chess among those came from the planet Earth over 800 cycles ago. It is said that both the Arabs and Persians had similar words for the game Shatranj and Chatrang and these word came from the ancient Sanskirt word Chaturanga the very mark that she bore as a burden. She had what is known as triple vision being able to see behind, present, and into what some call the coming. She was a warrior by birth this is what Chaturanga meant an army of four divisions ("The history of," 2012).
Without ever being told she knew everything about Chaturanga, even the history of its culture. It played a large role in the early cultural development...