Criminal Law

The Criminal Justice System
Candice Dawn Ojeda
University of Phoenix

Criminal Justice
M. Jay Farr
April, 28, 2013

The Criminal Justice System
This paper is to help decipher the criminal justice system and the roles in which each different area plays within the system. The criminal justice system is the set of different agencies and processes established by governments to control crime and impose penalties on those who break or dishonor the laws set forth by these agencies.
There are five different structures that will be discussed here. The first of these to discuss is law enforcement. This agency is responsible for following up on reports that crime has taken place in the area they protect. Officers will investigate the alleged crimes and gather and evidence. Law enforcement officers investigate, protect the evidence and will testify if need be to uphold the law. This is the place where we the persecution of the person. This explains the part this role plays in the government role of the criminal justice system.
The next step in the process is that of prosecutors. These are people who act as lawyers and who represent the state or federal government. They are the people who will try and persecute the person who is being accused of breaking the law. Essentially these people will review the case, decide if they have enough evidence to go forward with trying the person and will see it through from start to finish. The prosecutor decides if there is reason to stand trial. The person may be offered bail at this time. The person can also be released on an or bond based on the crime.
The third step involved is defense attorneys. Defense attorneys are the people who defend the accused and will go head to head with the prosecution. The defense attorney will either be hired by the person assigned as a public defender by the courts. These beacons of the court help to defend and be fair to the person who has hired them.
The next step is that of the courts....