Crimes Against Humanity

“The term crimes against humanity has come to mean anything atrocious committed on a large scale.” This quote sums up the entire definition of crimes against humanity but sometimes it’s not committed on a large scale. Defying humanity is also the little things that occur in our everyday lives. Crimes against humanity begins with racism, discrimination, hatred, and intolerance.
        One of the many topics of crimes against humanity today is the unacceptance of people who are attracted to the same sex. “Civil marriage for gay couples does not affect religious marriages, religious institutions, or clergy in any way. No religion would be forced to marry same-sex couples, or recognize same-sex marriages within the context of their
beliefs.” This quote states that it is one’s personal choice or feeling about who they choose to love would not affect people who don’t believe in it yet people still judge and critic homosexuals. America always has been known as ‘The Land of Freedom’, why is it that in many states it’s illegal to marry who you love if the person is of the same sex? “Since our constitution protects our freedom of choice with regards to lifestyle and belief system, legal experts have historically applied this concept to our right as citizens to choose our lifepartner.” This quote explains that people have a right to who they love. As many people can argue that it is against religion, “Whenever the Bible mentions marriage, it is between the male and female.” The quote doesn’t, in specific terms, state that it is against
religion to have relations with the same sex. Love is love and it isn’t anyone’s business or decision of who someone is attracted towards. As humans, we should be able to understand that we all have flaws and can’t change who we are.        
        Another topic of the past and current day for crimes against humanity is racism. According to Lance Selfa who wrote an article on the origins of racism, “As long as human beings have been...