Slippery Slop


                                                      CJ 340: Applied Criminal Justice Ethics


                                                                  Professor: Lace Oakland

                                                                        George Johnson



In the text book character and cops the author Edwin J. Deltarres goes on to write about police corruption. It puts before us three very relevant and serious issues of discussion. It is presented in the form of a hypothesis let’s look at them number one is “The society at-large”. The next one is what is called the “Structural” theory and finally we have what is very well known in the world of law enforcement “The rotten apple theory”. In these next few pages I will give a brief analysis of what the expectation of a law enforcement official is as well as a deeper look into these three hypotheses.

Let us first take a further look at the role of the Law enforcement official it is bestowed upon him or her to maintain a higher level of standards. His or her conduct must be exemplary to all in the department and even more important the watchful eye of the public citizen.
In the 1950’s preface to the Policeman’s Manual George Chandler wrote this. The Law enforcement official His work must be of such a high character that all who come in contact with him must realize that he is a very highly both mentally and physically trained officer having as his only ideal that obedience to the Law is liberty. The main duties of an officer of the Law are as follows first and foremost safe guard the live of the people in the community and property of the people. The next would be to keep peace between the citizens. Then next would be ensuring the rights of all to liberty, equality...