Crime Prevention

Crime has been on the rise in many places in the U.S., especially in large cities. And there are many theories on how crime can be prevented, and is a big problem within the U.S. Some of the ways that crime can be prevented is a stronger police presence, imprisoning more people, and to reinstate the death penalty.
The first thing that a lot of researchers believe will deter crime is a strong police presence. For example, New York in 1996 had 983 murders. The last time New York had fewer than one thousand murders was 1968. And in 1992 there was over two thousand people were found murdered in the city (Allen C. Brownfeld). However when the police started making their presence clear and focused on fighting crime rather than responding to it and this caused the drop in crime in New York to be so drastic that nearly one-third of the total crime in America dropped. Also, not only did police make it known that they were around, but they started walking around the city rather than just responding in their squad cars. Police are also now able to pat down anyone who even had a minor infraction and focused on finding weapons which decreased the crime rate sharply. And not only will this presence prevent crime but it will also make people feel safer, which is one of the goals of the police force. For example, if a person walking down the street sees a crime but is too scared to report it because they're afraid of retaliation, all they have to do is walk around the corner and get a cops attention without the criminals ever finding out. And another thing, citizens in large cities might start carrying guns or other weapons to feel more protected, and maybe out of fear they can hurt an innocent person or even themselves, but that will no longer be needed because anything that is going on can be taken care of by the local law enforcement.

The second way to prevent crime would be to imprison criminals. For instance, “when Criminals are put in prison it removes them from society,...