Crim 120

Professor Herbert
Criminology 120
September 20, 2013
Judge Queen, I have gone to the Uniform Crime Report to get all my information about hate crimes and robberies. The information is just an estimate by the FBI but it is pretty accurate on the statistics. So, I am going to get started on informing you of the statistics that I have looked up about hate crime and robberies in 2011 and compare them to the statistics of 2010. Just so you have a better understand if the crime rates have declined or inclined based on the information I will give you.
41.3% of robberies nationwide were being completed or attempted utilizing a firearm. In 2010 193,93 robbers used or attempted to use a firearm, while in 2011 that number has declined 16,910. 2,623 of female juveniles between the ages of 13-14 have been arrested for robbery nationwide in 2011. The hate crime offense rate was about 74% that involving a racial bias against African-Americans. The total number of crimes that include robbery which happened in California during 2011 was 54,292, but in 2010 it was 58,116. So the amount of robbery has gone down 6.6% in one year.
Now with this information, I hope you will be able to make you decision of whether or not you are going to prosecute these girls. I hope it was up to par for you to understand. If you need any more assistance with finding out about crime and its statistics you can go to