Creatures in Vancouver

Biology 11

Vancouver Alternative Assignment

Sperm Whale

  One aquatic animal found of the coast of British Columbia other than killer whales is sperm whale. They usually could be found in at least 3.300 feet ocean and even stay under water for more than 1 hour without exchanging oxygen. The range of population is fairly spread out of the world. Including temperate and tropical oceans and seas. Female whales are used to chose their habitat for avoiding predictor. but you can find some adult males in higher latitudes.
  In the coast of British Columbia, sperm whales is the most common specie. In spring and summer. Female whales breed their offspring in the coastal of Vancouver, while adult male whales go to the Queen Charlotte Islands.

    Sperm whale in the ocean                         They well killed for oil in their brain
    A waxy substance, which is found in the head cavities of sperm whale, is called Spermaceti. This substance is made for expensive candle or a bottle of sperm oil. To make benefit, some people chose to kill as many sperm whale as they can. In 1900s, more than 5000 sperm whales were killed by expeditions. This hunting once led to the near extinction of sperm whales and caused they discontinued in 1968 BC.

Fortunately, the bans on whale oil in 1972 provided the protection to them. And in 1985 the International Whaling Commission gave this species full protection. Now we do not need to worry about their population because they are not at risk anymore since 1996.

Salmon shark


                                Regular Salmon shark in the coast of British Columbia
  Salmon shark is a common specie of shark in northern pacific ocean. The size of their bodies can grow to between 200 and 260 cm and weigh up to 220 kg. And average size for males is smaller than females. Salmon shark has a special ability to maintain stomach temperature   (homoeothermic)that few animals...