CREATIVITY MSc in Entrepreneurship, 13-24 October 2014 Dr Babis Mainemelis email: website: Course Overview
Creativity is the generation of ideas that are both original and useful. Innovation is the successful implementation of those ideas by the organisation. In recent decades, creativity and innovation have become business imperatives for nearly all types of organisations. Creativity is a critical success factor in industries involving the imagination, aesthetics, and emotion (e.g., media, advertising, entertainment, cultural industries), as well as in industries involving invention, discovery, and problem solving (e.g., R&D, pharmaceuticals, industrial design, consulting). Small, entrepreneurial organisations rely on creativity to develop novel products and services that help them create new markets or penetrate existing markets. Large, established companies rely on creativity to reinvent their identities, products, and business processes. With the advent of the knowledge economy, creativity has also become an important aspect of managerial jobs. Creative problem solving, creative responses to contextual variability, improvisation, and the ability to generate original, bold ideas are defining elements of career success. The aim of the Creativity course is to provide the participants with knowledge and skills for discovering and practicing creativity in organisations. The course objectives are: • To provide participants with an understanding of the nature and types of creativity in business. • To create a learning space wherein participants can explore and develop their own creative potential as entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs. • To provide participants with concepts and tools for fostering the creativity of others-employees, work groups, and organisations.

Topics Covered
• • • • • • The nature and stages of the creative process. Developing creative thinking abilities. Managing creative individuals & groups. Stimulating...