Creative Writing

The missionary told the boy that it was time to go to school, to get a ‘real’ education and learn how normal life should be lived. He didn’t want to go. He didn’t feel as though he belonged at the school. Education for him was learning about the dream time and how to go out and hunt the animals for the tribe not sitting in a class room learning about God. As for the missionaries they wanted everyone to be white at the end of the day by starting out by half castes. He refused. It wasn’t for him! He didn’t want to be there at all. Infact it was the last thing that he wanted to   be doing. Bob form the missionary said “if you don’t attend school there will be consqueques and I mean consequences. The boy from the missionary then replied with “I don’t care you cant tell me what to do. Its not part of me. It’s not who I am. Not my identity. He felt like an outsider and as though he didn’t belong to the mission. He had been taken away from all his family and friends and the last thing that he wanted to be doing was feeling uncomforatle in a classroom where all that was going to happen was the missionary trying to persuade him. He sat in his room thinking what he was going to do. How he was going to get out of the mission and back to his community. He said to himself “Im not part of this community, im apart of the community that I was born in and taken from not this stupid missionary”. How was he going to get out of this? “Im going run out and escape at 1 oclock in the morning. Noone will be around then and it will give me enough time to get far away so they never find me again he said”