Creative Writing

Mortal Kombat the greatest fighting tournament to ever exist, homage to the greatest fighters of all ancient Asia. By winning Mortal Kombat, the champion will be given the chance to claim the throne of the Sixth Elder among the present Five Elders.
The current Five Elders rule the entire continent of Asia and host the Mortal Kombat tournament every forty years, the Five Elders’ charisma and reward of winning the tournament attracts the deadliest of fighters, the strong, the wise, the honourable, the courageous, and even the power-seeking epitome of the word coldblooded...Li Zhen Fan.
Li Zhen Fan is a Korean grandmaster of the martial art Taekwondo. Li is infamous for his lust for power, behaviour and unpredictability. Li was always aware of Mortal Kombat, he trained his entire life just so he can participate and win the tournament and join his mentors the Five Elders to rule Asia the way he sees fit.
Li and his brother by bond, Jun Fan was also a worthy and prideful participant for the tournament. Jun was a Japanese teacher of the martial art Shotokan Karate. Jun Fan was a very honourable man, inferior but honourable when compared to Li Zhen Fan.
The tournament begins. After tremendous amounts of desperate blood being spilled for the ultimate reward Mortal Kombat offers, Li and Jun’s hard training paid off as they overpowered every opponent they were matched up against. What they did not take notice of was that the outcome of their victories led to the facing off and tragedy of their brotherly friendship. The final fight will determine and deem the winning fighter the Sixth Elder of ancient Asia.
Jun Fan felt uncertain at first when he was to face his brother by bond Li, but to Li Zhen Fan it was nothing, Li Zhen Fan knew no bounds to what he truly wanted...ultimate power.
Jun Fan stepped forward in the final fight between himself and Li. Li looked at him in such a way which showed his merciless pain and determination. Jun Fan was aware of Li’s...