Creative Thinkers

Creative Thinkers
University of Phoenix
March 28, 2011
Creative Thinkers

Mark Zuckerberg is the young face of success for America. He may not be the youngest creator with an invention that shocked the world, but he certainly is the youngest creator with the highest net worth known to America. If this is a name, which causes confusion, this paper will provide some clarity. Facebook doesn’t mean anything either. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and creator of Facebook, a social Internet page that has millions of people connecting with one another, or reconnecting with one another after years without communication or knowing how to reconnect. As a college student Mark Zuckerberg, and a few college buddies created a site that would allow college students to keep in touch.

Facebook is known across the world from the United States to other countries. The impact on the Internet, millions go to the server a day. Reports indicates the website receives more hits than Google, which is also a larger user network used by millions. Facebook is an innovative type of business, which means the owner can make any changes to the website when necessary. Because the organization falls under Mark’s direction there is no organization ladder in making changes. If Mark Zuckerberg sold the organization or part of the organization Mr. Zuckerberg would not have this flexibility.   In August a change to the website will launch. A new location on the site will be available to users called “Facebook Places” this will allow users to tell friends and businesses know about them, other research indicates the founder looking into making video calls available and easier to use.   Facebook founder and CEO continue efforts of reinventing the website with new and creative ideas to benefit users.
Finally, because of the unheard of creative idea by a young man who sparked America, Facebook is known as the most popular website available. This making Mr. Zuckerberg the...