Creative Piece

I hadn't had a drink in nearly 10 years. The last time I drank, was the worse time of my life, however it gave me a clear vision of what I needed to do. Myself 10 years ago, I was a mess. An alcoholic who lived with his parent and everyday, their gaze upon me was filled with disappointment. However at that time, I did not care, as all I wanted to do was to go out and drink. I drink very often as it gave me peace and happiness as I ignored all the problems I had with school, family and myself.

Arriving at the high school reunion, I see everyone catching up as I go stand near a corner awkwardly staring. I had a feeling rising within me. I felt envious, the people I once talked to felt like I have nothing in common with them now as they attempted to catch up with I'm doing these days. Embarrassed, I asked myself, why did I even come in the first place. As I was about to leave, my answer came through the door as Maggie in all her purity came in. Even though my life is hard, I felt one moment of happiness as I found myself smiling.

Working hard for a steady life after so many hardships felt peaceful and everyday I enjoyed life as I forgot the past. I made friends at work and everyday was fun. However, it was until the day I got a letter from an old friend that it reminded me of my dreadful past. It was a few days before the reunion and the invitation letter was just lying on the floor. I instantly felt terrified, what would they say. The last time they saw me 10 years ago just as school finished, everyone went to uni, I ended up in jail. I didn't want to go, but I needed to see her once more time, it was her fault that I went to jail.

I felt nervous as I walked up to her. I used all my courage to say hello. She took one look at me and walked right past me. I was shocked, after all I been though. I drank all of my beer and placed it down calmly. I breathed and suddenly felt releasing all my anger. I ran everywhere pushing people and tables over. I thought, why!...