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When the war started everything changed, the world seemed different it wasn’t as bright as it had use to be but now we all seemed trapped. Things that gave us hope are now memories of the past; we cannot change what happened but live with the consequences of our actions. Everyone knew that it was coming even if we tried not to believe it. The good thing that happened was that people realised what was special and not manipulated by little problems. Friends and family became closer and you relied on each other. When they invaded there was nothing the army could have done to stop it. The promises of countries were lost through the cloud of smoke.
It doesn’t matter if you were rich or poor. Everyone ended up the same, hiding in the shadows and finding food out of bins. The only people that ended out good were the betrayers; well that’s what we called them. They were Australians but joined the invaders and betrayed their country. They would do anything not to be on the bad side of the invaders, they even did the executions. But we were not as weak and they thought we were. We lost our land but did not lose our courage to keep strong and fight for what is right.
The invaders couldn’t monitor us all so we could plan and prepare for the attacks easier. We started small and taking out small sized squads. This didn’t disturb the invaders a lot but gave others hope. Hope is what was needed to grow our cause.
It was standard day at work, the chefs were busy, yelling at the dishy ( that was me)