Creation of humanity 
So in the beginning there was nothing but energy..swirling around creating things from nothing and nothing from things.this engery was all slowly pulled together and this energy was pulled into the form of a women.with purple skin and deep golden eyes, this was the goddess, with all the enrgy in her she was surrounded by darkness When she looked into the darkness she saw only her reflection..she fell in love with herself and brought it to life..and she made love with her The passion these two shared spread throughout all of the darkness and began to pulsate..creatingstars and planets..but the goddess's reflection was swept away As the reflection was swept away the energy around her began to change her form..turning her into the god...when he finally found the goddess the two rejoiced and married The goddess..having an intense love for the god..found a planet she loved and created life in the form of plants and animals '' i have made this for you '' she said to the god. So the god placed the antlers of a dear on his head and became the horned one..and swore to protect the goddess and her forrests with his life So they danced upon the earth for many years, talking with the plants and animals and spirits of the land..yet they still grew lonely on this planet The god, pained by the lonliness of the goddess, fashioned a new creature, one that looked like her but wasnt exactly the same for he could not copy her  beauty..thus humanity was born. 
the goddess loved the gods creation and bestowed upon them the gifts of magic and healing..and the god and goddess danced with humans for thousands of years. But sadly people grew greedy..they wanted power and money so thus the christian god was used to control goddess worshipers and men gained control...the god was outraged and left humanity for the forrest The goddess ran after the god..taking with her the powers she gave people...only those willing to chase after the god and goddess can tap into these...