Creation vs Evolution

Most of the Christian world accepted without question the creation account in the book of Genesis for nearly 1900 years. Charles Darwin and others changed that with the theory of evolution. For many people today evolution is the only valid account of the origin of living things. “Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the light of Evolution” Dobzhansky 1973. In comparing both the history of Science with that of Creationism, Science have a firmer foundation on which to support its claims.
The success of Darwin's theory of evolution is due to its ability to successfully predict the outcome of experiments; this gives scientist confidence in it. Science is a search for truth through repeated experiments and observations. It is compose of two parts, first science has learned and came up with a system of organizing knowledge from the data collected. Then secondly it is consisted with the process of searching and discovering something new. The theory of evolution and the philosophy of naturalism can be best understood when put into its historical context. Science conducted about 4000 years ago did not look like modern science; however people were beginning to think about the universe. The Christian concept of a consistent law gave God who can be trusted the foundation for European science. The church however made mistakes. They accepted Aristotle's ideas and other Greeks that thought and made it church dogma and tried to defend these ideas with isolated thoughts.
During this age scientists who proposed new ideas were persecuted. During this time the direct involvement of God was invoked to explain the gaps in human explanations. As natural mechanism were found it tried to   explained these phenomena, God was no longer needed as an explanation and eventually was all together dispensed. Due to this movement, science moved toward actualism, this was achieved by using only data on what can be actually observed in experiments or fields observations. Another factor was...