Creating an Assessment Grid

Question 2
  1. Assessment Activity / Task 1 (Writing and Presenting) – Write instructions for a recipe then make it in class (eg. a sandwich).

    1) Subject / Learning Area topic and Grade
  Subject:               English
  Lesson Topic:     Show and Tell a Recipe
  Grade:                 4

  Assessment Grid

  |Criteria                                                                                                           |Marks         |
|Lists materials used                                                                                               |3             |
|Uses the correct specific details                                                                                 |3             |
|Uses correct sequence                                                                                             |4             |
|Used the writing process (Planning, drafting, revising, editing, proofreading, presenting)                         |10           |
|TOTAL                                                                                                             |20           |

    2) Learning Outcomes
        The learner is able to write instructions and use the writing process wherein he/she does planning/pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, proofreading and presenting.

    3) Assessment Standard
        Learner is able to list materials and ingredients and is able to use correct specific details and correct sequence.

    4) Assessor
        The educator is the assessor, because the learner will be marked according to his/her ability to use proper language skills and the correct sequence and presenting.

    5) Assessment instruments
        An assessment grid will be used as above. It outlines all the things required for the presentation and the writing of the recipe.

    6) Assessment criteria
        Can the learner do something in sequence and explain what he/she is doing.