Creating a Plan for a Positive Influence

Manager’s job is to motivate and develop employees no matter what products and services company provide. If the motivation is the key for the company’s success, many struggle to motivate employees in a daily basis. This paper will create a plan for positive influence to increase motivation, performance and job satisfaction of employees and will identify different personalities, attitudes and behaviors and their relationship. Motivation, satisfaction and performance are all important factors to evaluate their employees. A good manager has to know how to keep a positive influence in order to increase motivation, satisfaction and performance in the workplace. The motivation is to create the incentives and positive working environment where people can perform their best to match the company’s goal. Many management theorists argued that one person cannot motivate others, but can create conditions for others to self-motivate. According to Maslow’s theory of motivation, there’re five levels hierarchy to get motivated (Net MBA, 2007):
• Self-Actualization: creativity, commitment, challenges, joy of accomplishment.
• Self-Esteem: skills and talents, self- confidence, appreciation of recognition from others.
• Social needs: joy of working in group, interact and communicate with others.
• Need for security: job security, willing to improve skills and talents, job involvement.
• Body or physiological needs: health and well being in the society.
When analyzing the employee behavior, the following questions could arise:
• If employee knows what is expected?
• Is that expected behavior can be performed?
• What kind of actions was taken to perform better?
Therefore, I realize that leaders need to focus on positive attitude and influence employees with leadership skills in order to get positive outcome. The people’s moral is down with the recession, as a result, managers, need to implement a better motivation strategy based on intrinsic or extrinsic...