Create Problem Statement

University of Phoenix, MBA program
Chris Foster
January 08, 2010

Kudler Foods is a niche player in the Gourmet Fine Foods market, and in their strategic plan I found many things that I would change, but in identifying their problem I look to Kathy as being very controlling in her management style.
When I was reviewing the strategic plan, I found many ways that Kudler could increase revenue, increase customer service and expand with profits even higher than they have, but I see the main problem is that Kathy is one person, she cannot be in front of the customer and do all back office and still keep the stability of her company moving forward.   So, my broad strokes in finding the right problem I look at delegation as being at the top of the list.
When discussing all aspects of delegation, if Kathy does not delegate, there could be many opportunities that are missed.   “Delegating is one of the most overlooked keys to business success.   It is also one of the most difficult skills for business owners to cultivate.   You built your company from the ground up.   Everything your company has achieved up to this point has been with your blood, sweat and tears all over it.   It’s difficult to let go, and even take a step away.   But your company’s future depends on your ability to let a few things go.   Without effective delegation, your company will cease to grow and eventually fall behind”.(Zerfoss, 2003, p. 6)   The vision that Kathy Kudler has set up for her gourmet food stores, is that she wants to raise the bar in the food store/grocery business and have happy customers wanting to buy her specialty items.   The range of opportunities that will help Kathy achieve her vision is to turn to being a leader and hire some managers, assistant managers and grow the business.   The real issue is that Kathy is just one person, in good health now, but the bulk of the running of the business has been her personally for the front and back of the house.   If there was...