Creat a Problem Statement

Problem Statement

Kudler Fine Foods needs to be able to have others who can step in and lead. With only having one person that is the leader will not allow for the success that Kudler Fine Foods is trying to receive. If Kudler Fine Foods is trying to strive for a corporation in California then one owner can’t do it all.
Step 1: Describe the Situation

Kudler Fine Foods has a situation where the owner Kathy wants to expand her store and build in other towns around California. She has a goal to open up a store in San Francisco, California. With her goals and dreams in mind of opening up more stores in California she would need to have more managers. Currently she goes store to store on a daily basis to check in and work. She is the only person that deals with issues when it pertains to the company and she is the only one that is able to do order replacements of the inventory.

Step 2: Frame the “Right” Problem

Kudler Fine Foods can go about this problem in different ways. One way is where Kathy only has one or two stores and that is it. Second way, Kathy adopts a human resource department that will hire people to manage the store and work with Kathy on an executive level. Another way she can go about this problem is to train the staff that she already has and have them take on more responsibilities around the store. Kathy could also hire someone to take her place so she can focus on other things such as marketing her new stores that she building or the stores that she currently has. Not allowing others to take on more responsibilities when they can is not the right move by an owner. As an owner she needs to delegate and right now she is working hands on way to much. If no one can function when she is not there, then that is a good indication she is doing something wrong. As an owner of a company, she needs to be able to sit back and make sure things can be ran without her which will enable her to focus on other problems in the business.

Step 3:...