Craigslist or Crimeslist?

While I would not say this was an important moment in my life, I would say it was significant, at least to me.   It was the day of the Twilight Breaking Dawn Party at the local library. It sounds cheesy but this day was probably one of the happiest days of my life. There was a costume contest and I was going to try out for it.
I researched the characters, the movie, and the, authors idea of the idea of the designs. I spent a full week compiling notes together. I finally decided to go with Bella at the prom. I took out my old blue dress that I would never wear and I altered it. It was my first clothing altering and I was so proud. I usually have to work with patterns and ask for help, but this time I did it on my own.
I shortened, hemmed, tightened, trimmed, and decorated it until the dress was unrecognizable to even my mother. It was gorgeous. I then worked on the finishing touches. I wore my mom’s boot cast and I strangled my hair into tight curls, in an elegant up-do. I powdered my face till I was paler than the moon and I did my makeup. Too be honest I thought the boot was ridiculous but when I arrived no one else thought it was. I had the most creative and original costume.
I felt like a crippled Cinderella. I met new people, greeted old friends and tried new things. I won a free copy of the book and I could not have been happier but in the end my mom had to go in and find me! I had stayed over two hours longer than I was supposed to. But my mom, surprisingly, trusted me and allowed me those two extra hours.
The people I met, I found out, all went to my school. We had met in the hallways but never noticed because we looked different and hung out with different groups. But because we started talking I realized how much we all had in common. We liked the same books, movies, music, food, actors, sayings, classes and types of guys. One dressed different because of her religion. Another because she wanted to be a fashion designer like me. One was a country...