Cr1 Task 1

Portfolio Evidence for Unit 2
Candidate Report – Task 1 (CR1)

My role as a tutor is very challenging and demanding and it is very rewarding to witness learners achievements and success in their chosen area of learning of accountancy   which is a direct result of my contribution to their education.
My role is to teach accountancy in a way that involves the learner and engages the learner in every session. In order to deliver this I need to have clear language skills at an appropriate level for my learners so that they can understand the course content. I need to be able to motivate my learners to learn more. A key deliverable for me is to manage the learning process from when the learners commence to when the learners complete their learning, during this process I need to assess progress, provide relevant feedback and keep appropriate records.
I also hope that I come across as enthusiatice and passionate about accountancy and I always try to take pride in my work which I hope is translated through my teaching methods. I endeavour to present a professional persona at all times but also by being friendly and approachable and offering support when required. Having respect from my students is very important to our relationship. Boundaries need to be established such as starting and finishing on time, ensuring regular breaks are undertaken and that all activities are time managed.

The Teaching and Learning Cycle - as shown below highlights all the stages a learner may be at and that it is a continous cycle and does not have to stop.