Cpop 5.4.2


It is essential when caring for babies that they need to have a special bond / relationship with a key person.   Babies need time to make a special relationship and build up trust, just like adults.   These special relationships make vital foundations in the baby’s overall development.   The key person approach means that the baby will feel secure and happy away from their main carers/parents and home.   It is essential within this role that you have one to one time giving the baby physical contact and use everyday routines.   Babies are very adapted at tuning in on our emotions, so it is vital that we give them plenty of eye contact and respond positively to their different emotions.

1 to 3 Year olds:-

Again, as with babies it is vital for this age group to have a special relationship with an adult.   Having a key person who knows them very well will ensure that they feel safe and secure away from their main carers.   They still enjoy lots of physical contact and security of everyday routines.   The children need plenty of eye contact and it is important that you are responsive to them.   They also need adults who can support play alongside them rather than imposing on them. Playing and talking with this age group is vital in building good relationships and getting to know what the children like and dislike.   This age group enjoy repetition of play, rhymes, stories and following simple instructions.

It is vital that you have positive body language and good facial expressions so that the children pick up on visual clues especially those with special needs or disabilities and or English as an additional language.   When communicating it is essential that you are at the same level as the children and give simple instructions broken down into manageable stages.   With some children it may mean that you need to use alternative and augmentative communication to enhance your communication with them such as using gestures, eye pointing or pointing to...