Cover Letter

My name is --- and I have an Associate’s Degree in Arts from Gateway Community College. Furthermore, I will be pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science from Arizona State University. I came across job openings at your company through a Google search of local employment opportunities. I am interested in this position because it gives me the chance to bring my vast experience working with computers, mobile devices, and customers to First American.

Throughout my high school and college career, I have undertaken computer courses that have helped me develop my skills in Computer Info Systems, Excel Spreadsheet, E-mail, and Web skills that I use on a daily basis.   In addition, my excellent and friendly customer service skills will surely uphold the vision of First American. Additionally, I have taken classes for data analytics which will be a great asset for this position.

I have developed my communication skills by taking various communication classes throughout college. Moreover, I have worked face to face with customers, as well as over the phones for over five years which has given me the proficiency to deal with any situation. Due to my vast customer service and computer-based skills I feel as though I am the perfect candidate for this position. I am a friendly and punctual individual who always gives attention to detail, learns quickly, and always strives to exceed expectations when working alone or with a team.

If given the opportunity to work with your company, I will utilize my passion and skills to take First American further than it has already come. Thank you for your consideration of my qualifications and for your time. I look forward to hearing a favorable response.