Court Tv

Is Judy still keeping audiences entertained by giving the court system a new attitude? Will court systems ever get back its dignity? Not as long as the cameras still role. Cameras in the courtroom have been very beneficial in certain cases, but it has caused a lot of harm. The human race has taken the solemnest of these meetings, and has changed it to a form of entertainment only clowns would be involved with. The public is so involved with this newfound form of fun, that they don't realize the actual damage that it is causing in the judicial system as well as human life. I feel that even though cameras are a very innovative way to educate people about unknown situations, they need not be in courtrooms involved with high profile cases.

    The biggest trial of the century has been said to have been the O.J. Simpson trial. People flocked to their favorite public places to be with friends so they could watch the trial together. Some even gave up sleep so to get as much information about the case as possible. The Simpson trial seemed to
be a lot more popular for entertainment than watching movies or even the watching the Super Bowl. In Time magazine, journalist Jill Smolowe, quoted Don Hewitt, executive producer of 60 Minutes, about the atrocity of making trials a spectator sport. Hewitt said, "I don't like the idea that a murder
trial has been turned into an entertainment special. There are certain moments in American life that have certain dignity" (38). The judicial system is a very complex system and deserves the respect and dignity that is required. It needs to be taken seriously. The public has no right to make it into a game. This is a serious process of bringing criminals to justice.

    Some people say that by watching the court system in action, what once was very unknown and unfamiliar, has now become familiar and useful in helping people become more knowledgeable of what happens inside courtrooms. Most people have not been in a courtroom and...