Court Decisions

Court Decision
May 30,2014

  I read the article Judge stalls Mich. Drug Testing Program for Welfare Applicant.   I believe that the government should be able to test welfare recipients and applicants.   I do not agree with the US District Judge, Victoria Roberts or the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, when the say this violates someone’s Fourth Amendment rights against protection against illegal search and seizure.   If that was the case it would be the same thing when you apply for a job.   That would be the same thing as if I went and applied for a job and said they had to hired me rather or not my drug test was positive because it violated my rights.   The welfare program was designed to assist people in need temporarily.   It was never designed for people to live off of.   If recipients and applicant are looking for a job they will have to pass a drug test to get a job so it should be the same for the benefits.   I also do not agree that if a recipient test positive for drugs and refuse treatment that they only get a reduction 25% of their benefits. I think they should lose them all. I also think they should have to show proof of looking for a job,and I mean real proof, and they should be randomly drug tested for three months before they can receive benefits again.   I think it will save this country a lot of money and get a lot of people to work instead of living off of the government all their life.   My children receive medicaid, I work from home and would not ever mind being drug tested to be able receive my benefits.
  I also wonder how reliable the statistics of Michigan really are when they say that only 8% off participant that were tested, tested positive.   My question then would be how in advance are these participants being told they will have to drug test? Are they being monitored while they are giving the urine analysis? As a former drug abuser, many years ago, I know there are so many ways to pass a U.A.. These test need to be...