Court Decisions

In the article, “Judge stalls Mich. Drug testing program for welfare applicants,” it talks about how Michigan’s’ welfare programs had to stop drug testing new applicants in order to receive help from the government. Since there was not a large amount of people who were actually using marijuana, they didn’t see the need to continue asking for tests. I disagree, even though there was a small percentage that did use marijuana every state should give out tests. Maybe in Michigan the abuse of drugs isn’t as high as it is in other states. I think that if every state does give out these drug tests they would be able to track down what individuals are using the welfare money to buy drugs. People need to understand, this policy wouldn’t be intended to violate their Fourth Amendment, but to make sure that people are not receiving money to do more harm to themselves. I think what Michigan was excellent, because if a person refused to take the drug test, then they would automatically be denied service, if they took the test but tested positive then they would have 25% reduced. This will let them know that they are serious and anymore failed drug tests will result in all of their welfare being terminated. If individuals have nothing to hide, then they shouldn’t mind taking a drug test, the money is to help them not to help them get money for more drugs. What if a person overdoses and dies because they were being provided welfare, and that money they received was only for drugs.