Unit 6 Continuing professional development in active leisure
Unit accreditation number: J/503/0782

Worksheet- CPD in active leisure

There are 11 marks available in this worksheet. You must score a minimum of 9 marks in total to achieve a pass. In addition to achieving the total pass mark, you must also score at least the minimum marks set for each question to achieve an overall pass.

  1. Explain the term ‘continuing professional development’ (CPD).

Continuing progressing in career by on going development from tutor. |
1 mark (minimum 1 mark)

  2. State two reasons why it is important for staff in the active leisure sector to continue to develop their knowledge and skills.

To stop going stale |
The industry is changing all the time, you don’t want to be left behind. |
2 marks (minimum 1 mark)

  3. How can an active leisure organisation ensure the development of its staff?

By doing monthly appraisals and setting up development plans for staff. |
1 mark (minimum 1 mark)

  4. Give two ways an active leisure member of staff could reflect on their own work to identify ways of improving what they do.

Identify there weakness and working on it. |
Reviews with Management. |
2 marks (minimum 1 mark)

  5. How should you plan and record CPD?

Record on an appraisal form. |
1 mark (minimum 1 mark)

  6. Give two ways how an active leisure organisation’s performance appraisal and development can aid professional development.

Keeping record of all achievements helps reference later on in career. |
Seeing where the staff member’s strengths are. |
2 marks (minimum 1 mark)

  7. What is your preferred learning style and state the reason for your choice?

My preferred learning style is visual, I think seeing the way its done is an effective way of teaching.   But I am open to the other learning methods also. |
2 marks (minimum 1 mark)

Result total         / 11 marks (9 marks in total, with the minimum...