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Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling
Case Study: Miss X
“Self-esteem and Identity”

Tutor: Mandy Martin

Course code: READ13S13

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  1. Case study -   p.2-11
  2. Bibliography - p.12
  3. Initial Consultation Form – p.13-15
  4. Limits of confidentiality agreement form   – p.16
  5. Cancelation policy p.17
  6. Thoughts diary- p.18
  7. How assertive are you test – p.19
  8. Wheel of life p.20
  9. Mood list p.21
  10. Reality and presence Appendix 1; p.1-1
  11. Self-esteem relaxation screed p.22-23

Miss X is a newly qualified nurse aged twenty five in a relationship and a daughter aged two. She came to see me concerning her apprehensive relationship with her mother. She questions her mother’s commitment to her and her daughter. She adores her daughter so much hence she never felt the same adoration from her mother as a child. She recalls that love and affection from her grandparents and her dad but certainly not from her mother. At present she feels that her mother is only around when not in a relationship. As soon as she finds a partner she turns her back on her and her daughter. She wants to understand what is wrong with her. Eleven years ago her mother walked out on them (her dad and two siblings. Brother four years and sister seven then) for a young twenty three year old black man and has been involved in similar relations since then. Miss X however in a settled relationship with a black man who treats her and her daughter well and he has introduced her to his family whom she gets along with. She is embarrassed by her mother’s behaviour. As a result she is finding herself seeking advice from friends and colleagues about her relationship with partner and she subsequently compares him to other man and their relationship with other couples causing arguments and strains amongst them. She worries that one day she will grow to...