Counselling Theories Essay

What theories do I draw upon and which do I reject to make sense of client, counsellor and therapeutic relationship process?

On reading the title of this essay, I was initially concerned that at the moment I have only purely concentrated on and been trained in, the Person Centred theories to counselling; therefore in having the task of writing this essay it has encouraged me to delve deeper and looked further into other methods of counselling to understand some of the theories behind their particular approaches, as well as focus on the person centred theories and for me to compare and contrast these.
The only form of counselling I have received was from a person centred counsellor, as part of my Certificate in Counselling qualification, In the future, I think it would be of great benefit for me, to experience another method of counselling, as this would give me a greater understanding of how theories are put into practice only then I will be able to fully decide whether or not to concentrate on the Person Centred theories or incorporate further training and then draw upon theories of other models of counselling in order to work better with a wide range of clients. In fact Mackay et al. (2001) explain that working as a counsellor or therapist will tend to involve further training in order to develop and enhance theirs skills set.
I believe that a little like passing a driving licence, I think I will really expand my knowledge of other theories, of which there are literally hundreds, when I hopefully gain employment or volunteer as a counsellor, and in doing so I will increase my experience. I will draw further on other methods as I believe one approach and set of theories cannot be suitable to all clients, In fact Wampold (2001) suggests that no single therapeutic approach has a superior grasp of the truth.
I have every confidence in the theories of Person Centred counselling being the underlying foundation of my counselling, and that the model seems to fit...