Counselling Essay

Critical Reflection

This is a critical reflection of a five minute piece of triad work review my role as the counsellor. Permission has been obtained from the speaker to use their session and will only be referred to as the speaker throughout this piece of work. This is in compliance of COSCA’s Statement of Ethics and Code of Practise. “A member will not disclose any information about the client to a third party without permission of the client” (COSCA 2007).
Setting the Scene
Before meeting the speaker I set up the chairs facing each other being aware of proximity to the speaker. In an exercise in class it was determined that approximately three feet apart was a comfortable distance. I ensure there is no furniture between the speaker and me as it would give a formal feeling and may cause a barrier to communication. Poor lighting, noise, temperature and lack of privacy can also hinder communication.
Meeting & Greeting
On first meeting the speaker I welcome them with an open posture, a warm smile and make eye contact, I refer to them by name and introduce myself using a warm, friendly tone of voice. This is not just to be polite, I want the speaker to feel that they are respected as an individual, they are important and I am here for them. I want to ease any apprehensions they may have, build rapport and convey to them that I am warm, friendly and approachable.   A combination of verbal and body language is used to create an ethos of the core conditions of empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard. By using a warm tone of voice, a friendly facial expression, an open posture and open hand gestures helps convey that I am a trustworthy and honest person with whom to talk with.
When I first meet a counsellor I was full of uncertainty as to what to expect were they going to judge me, would they understand where I was coming from, would they accept me for who I am will our discussion be kept private? I think it is important to make the...