Cottonseed Wet Meal Processing Huatai

Wet meal process
The project biggest characteristic is to adopt the liquid - liquid - solid phase extraction directly in multistage dephenolizing leaching equipment of wet meal dephenolizing process, after removing phenol by mechanical exsolution and drying in low temperature desolventizing, we can obtain   cotton pulp products without phonel. Leaching of cotton oil filtered into the evaporation, stripping system, then crude oil sent to refining plant.After extraction of cottonseed oil and gossypol of the solvent, respectively, by using comprehensive recovery system after regeneration cycle.
This method Inherit the advantages of solvent extraction, adopt the method of low temperature one time leaching cottonseed processing, by fractional extraction respectively extracting cottonseed oil and removing gossypol, solved problems of solvent system change of protein and oil product quality, equipment operation, solvent separation and recovery etc. Both avoid protein denaturation and the combination of protein, amino acid and free gossypol, maximum protects the nutritional value of protein, improve the quality of the product, ensure that the residual oil in the protein, and solved the solvent extraction solvent separation and recovery of the existing problems and combination of the continuity and efficiency of industrialized operation effect.
The technology characteristics of the method is: the entire low-temperature extraction processing cotton seed at a time, to avoid the proteins, guarantee the nutrition of cottonseed protein products; Adopts two kinds of solvent, extracting cottonseed oil and removing gossypol, ensure that the oil extraction and removing phenol quickly, thoroughly;
Dedicated multistage removing phenol extraction equipment, the use of appropriate concentration and temperature of removing phenol solvent extract quickly in a short time a large number of free gossypol, avoid degeneration gaa, combined with the gaa and other forms of the generation of...