Cottonseed Oil Processing Dephenolization Equipment

Removing gossypol cottonseed protein negative pressure evaporation process
negative pressure evaporation, negative pressure gas stripping, steam jet pump can be used either into a steaming, and can be sprayed into the hot pot.
The evaporator pipe is made of stainless steel pipe.  
The material of Tower of gas butterfly is stainless steel materials.
Full negative pressure evaporation process is mainly the advantage of using steam offline secondary steam as heating source, in the process of the evaporator to save energy by 20%.
Mix the oil under the negative pressure evaporation and stripping, make the mixed oil boiling under low temperature, solvent evaporation separation, thus improve the quality of the oil, reduce the loss of the refining ,such production process make the cost of production is reduced about 15%, the practice proved negative pressure evaporation process is advanced and mature.
[5] Column condenser tube condensing system process, the shell is made of Q235 - A steel plate.
Condenser horizontal installation.
Cooling towers put in cooling water pool, reserve a cooling water pump.
Increase the economizer in between DTDC condenser and evaporator, with the low temperature of cooling down solvent spray from a steamed out DTDC secondary steam.
[6] diaphragm paraffin wax recovery processes using stainless steel diaphragm packing instead of the porcelain ring or float, as free gas in the recovery of solvent absorption tower and desorption tower packing, has high mass transfer efficiency, low production cost, equipment service long life .
Indicators of production technology: 400 t/d cottonseed to press cake
Product quality requirements:

(1) for residual oil leaching pulp: 0.8% or less moisture: 12.0% or less: temperature 45 ℃ or less residual solvent: 500 PPM or less (or detonate test) free gossypol: 0.006% or less 2 leaching oil total volatile matter: 0.30% or less impurity: 0.2% or less of colour and lustre: normal residual solvent: 400 PPM or less...