Quton Arabian traders called it when which means fine fabric, the European name for Quton is Cotton.
Whether you're eating ice cream, changing diapers, handling paper money, polishing fingernails, reading a book, or getting dressed for the day you're using cotton. At any given time everyone on earth is wearing or using something made with cotton. Cotton is used by everything from soft fluffy pillows to candle wit.   And now threw the wonders of modern chemistry plastic, explosives and even photo film.   If you eat potatoes chips chances are they contain oil from a cotton seed.   What I’m going to show you is how cotton came about and the reasons cotton has changed the world for humans eastern and western.   Cotton began its life in the North Western part in the Indian Valley.   There are records that show that tiny pieces of the fiber have been found therefrom at least fifty five hundred years ago.   Cotton was domesticated and made into cloth in the Indus Valley.   But that’s not the only species of cotton the second spices was bread in South America during this time.   The different in the two cottons are the South American Cotton plant naturally changes color from white to orange and others.   Around this same time period two other places were growing cotton Central America and East Africa.   These are the four parts of the world where cotton began its journey.
The world’s first cotton industry took root in India.   By the time Alexander the Great arrived in India cotton was the predominate fabric.   Alexander and his soldiers used cotton to pad the saddles of the horses they called it tree wool.   Europeans were confused about cottons origin and could not understand it even in the modern are.   The blame for this a from a travel writer who wrote in detail about the dewy sheep that grew on trees.   He had never seen such a thing and didn’t understand it.   He says as the dewy little sheep bent down to eat the grass they collapsed and fell over leaving the dewy plant behind...