1. The cost of production of our product is   7,54 USD top and bottom part of the swimsuit constitute 1 unity.
  2. We seek 250% of profit, that means that our ex-works value is 18.85 USD
  3. Packing costs:
Label costs: 0.01 USD
Costs of plastic boxes: 1.50 USD
  * 1200 boxes
Per swimsuit
It takes ½ to pack all the boxes
  4. Packaging costs
Costs of big boxes: 2.11 USD
  * Each one contains 60 unities of swinsuits
  * 20 boxes
Cost of plastic that surrounds the boxes 250m costs 10 USD
  * Only are necessary 10 meters to cover the boxes so the total cost is 0.46 USD
  5. Cost of pallet is 39.47 USD
  6. The merchandise is insured in a 10% of ex-works value
  7. The cost of transporting the merchandise to the airport is 20 USD.
  8. The costs of handling the merchandise in the point of origin are 35 USD and it takes half a day.
  9. The cost of weighting and displacing the merchandise is 5 USD
  10. The cost of warehousing is 45 USD per day
  * 1 days
  11. Documentation costs
  * Solicitud de Criterios de Origen COP 10.000: 5 USD
  * Declaración de Exportación- DEX COP 6.000: 3.15 USD
  12. Charges of airplane transportation
  * Tariff: 2.84 for more than 45 kg
  * Total: 198.8
  * The fuel charge is 0.55 per kg
  * Total: 38.5
  * It takes 2 days
  13. The commission of the SIA is 0.4% over the FOB value, or a fixed cost of 120 USD the greater of both values is the one that is going to be taken.
  * Fixed cost of 120 USD
  14. The cost of the international insurance is the 6% of the FOB value.
  15. The cost of transport from the airport Pierre Elliott Trudea of montreal to the warehousing of the customer company is 17 USD. The cost of insurance is not necessary in this case the customer decides that the reason is that the distance between the port and the warehousing is only of 8 Km.
  16. The documents that are necessary for the entrance of the products are:
  * Bill of lading: 15 USD...